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2022 Special Pictorial Cancellation and Envelope

The Shrine of St. Patrick would like to present the 2022 Special Pictorial Postal Cancellation, Envelope and Insert that will be available for purchase from March 1st thru March 31st, 2022.

Both the Envelope and the Postal Cancellation is a celebration of Ireland.  A beautiful Celtic Cross with a Shamrock that is wrapped with trailing ribbon and the words "Erin Go Bragh", which is Gaelic meaning 'Ireland Forever". The Irish greeting on the Insert, which also has the Celtic Cross,  harkens back to the "Old Sod" with Irish Blessings and Irish Good Luck wishes. 

The greeting card sized Envelope can be purchased for $2.25 and includes the Envelope, Irish Greeting Insert, postage, and the Cachet stamping of "St. Patrick, Mo.  The Only One In The World".  With your instructions, your greeting card can also be signed for you by the Shrine of St. Patrick volunteers and also be mailed on the date of your choosing between March 1st and March 31st. 

 By Sending your mailing list to The Shrine of St. Patrick, P.O. Box 34, St. Patrick, Mo. 63466, the Shrine volunteers will prepare your envelopes per your wishes and apply the special Cachet stamp.  They will then deliver them to the St. Patarick Post Office for the Special Pictorial Cancellation and mailing.

This special mailing event has been a major fundraiser for the Shrine of St. Patrick since 1936, when the special Cachet was developed, and continues on to this day.  By sending this greeting to your friends and family, it is a way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and start the tradition of sending Irish wishes to everyone you know from St. Patrick, Mo. - The Only One In The World.

Historical Preservation Video

If you would like to purchase a Shrine of St. Patrick Historical Preservation Video  they are $20 per video please email

Weddings of St. Patrick Video

The Weddings of St. Patrick Video is a compilation of weddings photos from 1896 thru 2019,  It Is a spectacular array of wedding traditions through the years. If you would like to purchase a Shrine of St. Patrick “Weddings of St. Patrick” Video,  at a cost of $20.00 per Video,  please email